PSE Energy Saving Tips

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May 07, 2020
COVID-19 has taken us all by surprise and the changes to our personal and business lives have been swift and drastic. Office buildings, commercial spaces, restaurants, churches and social gathering establishments have halted operation and emptied to prevent further spread of the virus.
We recognize that many of the energy settings may not have changed to adjust to the lack of use as we embrace a shelter in place lifestyle. In our commitment to our customers, we want to highlight some tips that can help lower your energy usage during this time and keep the bills at a manageable level. 
Turn off all unnecessary lights. This is also a great time to make sure that the lights you do have are an energy saving LED bulb.
Replace outdoor security lights with photo sensor bulbs that turn on only at night.
Reset your heating to stay at 55 degrees around the clock. When regular activities are taking place in a large building, the people and the other activities help maintain the indoor temperature so that the heating system doesn’t have to work so hard. If the building is vacant, the heater is working on its own to maintain a set temperature which could result in high bills.
You can turn your water heater down to make sure that it’s not heating water to the highest level if the building isn’t being used.
Make sure unnecessary electronic equipment is turned off and unplugged. Equipment left in standby could still be using electricity to maintain settings. Also even if it’s turned off and plugged in, there could still be a current being drawn and that could add up over time.
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