Complimentary Health Talks

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May 28, 2020
At Connect Family Chiropractic it's our belief that your number one asset is your health and wellness. One area we specialize in is posture and ergonomics and how they relate to overall health. We would love to offer the businesses in the Chamber a complimentary health talk that highlights the critical importance of posture and ergonomics. We will discuss ways in your day to day life as well as in your workplace that people often make ergonomic mistakes that can decrease overall health and wellness. While we wish we could come to you in person, we're excited to offer these seminars over Zoom, and the content will be customized to each specific workplace. We can't wait to give you easy to apply tips that will offer immediate positive impact for you and your employees. This call can vary in length depending on what each specific business is in need of, the average time is around 20 minutes to give you great content while also respecting your time. If you're interested in having a health talk for your business please contact us at or call 360-220-4085. We can't wait to Connect with you!