Coronavirus Sparks Questions About Wills, Rent, Bankruptcies

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May 28, 2020
Your life expectancy. Your ability to pay rent or collect rental payments. Your decision to renegotiate debt or file for bankruptcy.
The question: What are issues raised by a coronavirus pandemic that will swamp a legal office?
Attorney Emily Rose Mowrey of Limitless Law in Bellingham is grateful to be among a handful of people whose businesses or employment hasn’t been adversely affected by COVID-19. However, she is keenly aware of the stress it is causing for many.
“I’m being contacted by many folks who are suddenly out of work or whose businesses are shut down and they want to find out their options as far as filing for bankruptcy or negotiating their debts and leases,” Mowrey said. “Many people in our community now are very concerned with updating their old, outdated wills or getting a will or a trust established for the very first time. And sadly, as some members of our community have passed away during this time, their loved ones have been contacting us for help with probate and settling their final affairs.”
Mowrey said it’s better for people to break out of the fear-driven paralysis gripping them and gain information about their choices. An attorney can try to renegotiate their debt or explain the pros and cons of bankruptcy. But she knows that sugar-coating their situation won’t help.
“I spent an entire day recently on the phone with many landlords who were begging me for options in light of the eviction moratorium,” Mowrey said. “Some of them haven’t received rent in months. The day the moratorium is lifted is going to be interesting, to say the least.”
Mowrey is offering free 15-minute phone consultations while the coronavirus pandemic continues.
“I think it puts people’s minds at ease to know what they can do to protect themselves, their families and their financial future,” Mowrey said. “Even if you don’t need a trust, or bankruptcy isn’t the right choice for you, it doesn’t hurt anything to know more about the choices available to you.”
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