Simple Box Storage Names Peter Larsen to Lead Lean Initiative

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March 09, 2020
Lynden-based Simple Box Storage recently named Peter Larsen its head of operations, tasking him with identifying and implementing process improvement that will make the company more efficient.
Founded by Ross Black when he was a high school senior in 1997, Simple Box Storage rents and sells shipping containers for storage, moving or modification. Today the company is in seven locations across Washington, Idaho and Oregon and employs 26 people.
“We believe we can achieve better outcomes for our customers, team and company without raising prices to pay for them,” Black said. “We will do this by eliminating waste and improving our processes for serving, delivering, and administration.”
Larsen, a Lynden Christian High School graduate, spent the last five years working for Fastcap in Bellingham. He credits Fastcap owner Paul Akers with teaching him about the lean methodology and the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement.
“I began learning how to identify wastes in manufacturing and how to understand flow and Just in Time principles,” Larsen said. “I was very fortunate to study a company that was successful in building the culture necessary to sustain lean practices.”
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