Save the Date for this 5 Day Nature Retreat with Photographer Peter James

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February 15, 2019
5 Day Nature Adventure Retreat
Mountains, Beaches, Islands, Rivers & Waterfalls
Tuesday Afternoon - Sunday Early Evening
July 16th - 21st, 2019

Photographer Peter James will be your host, guide, and even your photography mentor. Join Peter and his wife iMa on this 5 day adventure retreat and connect with the power of nature to get relaxed, restored, invigorated and inspired.

Being surrounded by nature is the best getaway and stress reducer, and it's the greatest place for healthy connection and meaningful memories. From the comfort and luxury of Forest Haven Retreat House, Peter will lead you on daily adventures to the most glorious locations in the region. And, while this is a retreat, not a photography workshop, Peter will be happy to share photo tricks and tips with you along the way, if you are interested. 

​iMa (Ee-ma) is a professional chef who will serve you 3 gourmet, organic, farm-to-table meals a day, while providing guests with nurturing attention and other healthy treats.

All the details are on the website, as well as online booking

​Prepare for the retreat of a lifetime!