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Underdog stories and champions of improv this month at The Upfront

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February 13, 2017
There’s nothing more inspirational than the story of an underdog who triumphs with the odds stacked against them.  Join us, for Against All Odds (8pm), as we use the structure of this classic tale to create a fully improvised journey of the down and out working their way to victory!  From the crazy coach, the nasty rival, to the inspirational training montage, you’ll find all of the great aspects of an underdog story live on our stage.  There will be sweat, tears, and laughs each night with a new story and hero created as they overcome impossible odds!
Whoever said improv comedy couldn’t be competitive?  We’re taking away the warm and fuzzy feelings of collaborating and are fighting for your laughs in Face Off (10pm).  Our improvisers will enter the proverbial coliseum of comedy to battle against each other with the audience serving as the judge and jury of comedy quality.  Your applause will determine the points our players receive in their quest for glory in this high stakes/high energy show!  Complete with elimination rounds and competitive improv games, our teams are going to make you laugh until you cry and drink your tears* (okay, half that’s true).
*no slurping of tears will occur on our premises
Against All Odds (8pm) and Face Off (10pm) run every Friday and Saturday this March.  Advance tickets are available online at theupfront.com or the night of show at the theatre (if available). Doors open forty-five minutes before show time for walk-up sales.
The Upfront Theatre is a 100-seat cabaret style venue that offers live improv comedy shows every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 8+10pm. Established by Ryan Stiles in 2004, the theatre is available for hire for entertainment, staff development training, and classes. For more information visit theupfront.com or call 360.733.8855.
Matt Lesinski