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Galloway’s Cocktail Bar brings cozy, friendly atmosphere to Fairhaven

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February 12, 2017
The cozy confines of Galloway’s Cocktail Bar opened Dec. 28 at 1200 10th St., Suite 102, in Bellingham’s Fairhaven district.
Both Galloway’s and the adjacent 22-room Fairhaven Village Inn are owned by Gene and Connie Shannon. They named the bar after an Iowa couple who were frequent guests of Fairhaven Village Inn, became friends of the Shannons and then Fairhaven locals after their retirement.
“Gregg and Carla Galloway really represent both locals and visitors,” Connie Shannon said. “Folks who live here enjoy the cozy size and atmosphere of a bar that is slightly larger than a postage stamp! Now hotel guests, who also enjoy meeting Bellinghamsters, will be treated to a classic hotel bar experience at Galloway’s.”
Shannon describes Galloway’s, which has a capacity of about 30 people, as possessing “a sweet and soft design and humming a Deco-era atmosphere.” The bar features a rich wine and beer selection and 12 unique craft cocktails. An example is Galloway’s Kilt, which includes bourbon, applejack, pomegranate liqueur, spiced pear liqueur and bitters. The food menu includes sweets from Pure Bliss.
Allison Sutherland is manager of Galloway’s. “Allison’s long experience in Fairhaven restaurants and bars and warm dedicated personality ensure Galloway’s will have the best possible host,” Shannon said.
Galloway’s will be open daily from 3 p.m. until at least 10 p.m. An opening celebration, showcasing its sips and tastes, is planned Jan. 27-29. For more information, visit www.GallowaysCocktail.bar or call (360) 756-2795.